Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender - (A.L.E.G.) - Romania

Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender - (A.L.E.G.) - Romania

Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender (A.L.E.G.) is a Romanian non-governmental organization located in Sibiu, Romania and active since 2004 on promoting gender equality and fighting gender-based violence. At national level, A.L.E.G. initiated in 2014 the first network of NGOs focused on the issue of sexual violence (“Breaking the Silence on Sexual Violence”), while A.L.E.G.’s international networking includes participation in the coordination of the European WAVE network and ASTRA network.  At local level A.L.E.G. is member in the Equal Opportunity Committee and Sibiu Social network.

 Overall Objectives:

  • To support victims of violence and their children to overcome violence through information, therapy, legal counselling and other forms of assistance
  • To reduce the tolerance to violence in the society through public awareness campaigns and educational activities
  • To improve policies in the area of violence prevention and combating through training and networking.

In the field of:

  • gender equality: to fight against gender stereotypes and discriminating behaviours through educational activities and public campaigns targeting especially children and youth, both girls and boys.
  • prevention and combating of violence: A.L.E.G. follows the definition provided by the Convention of the Council of Europe on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence by which gender-based violence against women is a manifestation of unequal power relations between men and women and it includes domestic violence, sexual aggression, rape, stalking, sexual harassment etc. In order to prevent violence, A.L.E.G. believes that it is important to work both with women and with men.


Since 2005, A.L.E.G. provides services free of charge for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and victims of trafficking, mostly women and children from Sibiu and surrounding communities. Since 2014, A.L.E.G. operates one of the first specialized services for survivors of sexual violence with a national outreach through online counselling, legal aid and representation services.

A.L.E.G.’s work is focused on the following services:  

  • Counseling and trauma therapy for victims of gender-based violence (family violence, sexual abuse, trafficking in person, harassment etc.), with the goal to offer psychological support in crises, individualized therapy programs for trauma recovery. The counseling is free of charge. A.L.E.G. offers also counselling for children affected directly or indirectly by family violence. In 2014, A.L.E.G. piloted a new, free of charge counseling service for victims of sexual violence offering psychological and legal counseling. To facilitate victims' access to information, A.L.E.G. started an online counseling on sexual violence where victims can talk in real time with a psychologist. The platform is available on A.L.E.G.’s website
  • Educational and awareness raising activities on violence against women and gender equality, with the goal to prevent gender-based violence addressed to youth: training activities in schools and youth associations on gender issues and prevention; educational camps, public campaigns, Gender Equality Festivals etc.

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