A total of 5 campaigns/e-campaigns against IPV/Dating violence/gender-based violence and sexual violence were realized (one in each participating country) on the basis of creations of the workshops’ participants.

The campaigns aim at the sensitization of a wider audience of children, adolescents and young people by use of messages that were created by their own peers “in their own language”.

More specifically, each group of workshops’ participants in each country was asked to create one product of their own choice (e.g. a drawing, a song, a film, a theatrical play, a dance, etc.) that they would like to use in a campaign aiming to sensitize their peers on these issues (more than 80 products). Then, each participating organization collected the products and conducted a competition in order to choose the best product(s) [winner(s) of the competition] for the realization of the campaign.

In order the peer sensitization campaigns to achieve their aim, all possible means where these target groups have access were used (e.g. facebook, youtube, twitter, youth web platforms –websites, TV, radio programs, like the YouSmile Platform of the Smile of the Child-, community festivals and Forums against gender base violence).

Each campaign was realized by using the product(s) that won the competition and all workshops participants’ creations/products were included in 5 videos.