Teachers’ Training Seminars

Teachers’ Training Seminars

Teachers’ Training Seminars were conducted and evaluated in 5 countries.

The aim of Training Seminars is:

  • Sensitization of teachers on gender stereotyping, IPV/dating/sexual violence in adolescents and child abuse and neglect issues (theoretical training)
  • Building capacity of teachers in order to be able to implement Workshops with children and adolescents (students) at schools (mainly experiential training in small groups, but also theoretical training)
  • Building capacity of teachers in order to be able to identify, handle and appropriately refer for further support children who are victims of CAN and/or who are exposed on IPV at home (witnesses of IPV), as well as adolescents who are victims of IPV, dating violence or sexual violence.

Teachers play an important key role in the project’s implementation; they were appropriately trained on the aforementioned issues with a view to increasing their understanding and capacity to implement school-based interventions aiming to primary and secondary prevention of intimate partner/dating/sexual violence in adolescence (aiming to both, victims and perpetrators) and, thus, encouraging attitudes of zero tolerance towards violence at a relatively early age. Special attention was dedicated to provide teachers with all the necessary information and skills needed in order to be able to screen, identify and –most importantly- to handle potential cases of abuse that may be revealed to them by their students.

Additionally, in Greece and Spain in the Seminars participated also educators and/or professionals who work with children/adolescents/young people who are either hosted or visiting the facilities of organizations offering services to vulnerable and/or high risk groups of children/adolescents (such as victims of child abuse and severe neglect or children from families living below the poverty line). 

A total of 11 Training Seminars (262 trainees) were implemented and evaluated (process and effectiveness evaluation) in:

The role of school: Evidence-based Policy Recommendations for Teachers' Trainings


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