Adolescents' Information and Awareness Raising Campaign against IPV/Dating Violence/ Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Violence in Romania

This campaign was developed by adolescents and targets every adolescent in Romania with the aim to sensitize all adolescents on how to build healthy, equal and violent free intimate relationships, based on mutual respect, and what they can do to resist to any form of violence.

More than 270 adolescents from 10 high schools participated (5 from Sibiu, 5 from different cities of Romania) and one Placement Center. At the end of their participation to the workshops, all classes created at least one material for the awareness raising campaign under the contest named "Unlearning Violence". 

Among their creations were: games, poem, posters, collages and short videos in order to pass forward their messages to their peers, boys and girls, in the entire Romania.  

13 products were produced under the contest name “Unlearning violence” about gender equality and stereotypes and/or promoting equal and healthy intimate relationships. All the products focus on how to recognize violece, an abusive relationship or partner and how to react to gender based violence but also how to help or discourage such behaviour.

The materials that participated in the competition are the following (you can see them all here also):