2nd Managerial Meeting

On 18th-19th January 2016 was successfully held the 2-day 2nd Managerial Meeting of the Project GEAR against IPV II. The meeting was held in Zagreb (Croatia) and a total of 12 representatives of organizationsl that are participating in the project attended the meeting in order to discuss on the project's progress as well as to organize and mutually decide upon important next steps of the project.

During the meeting discussion, scheduling and decision making was made on the activities to be implemented in the near future (e.g. national conferences, campaigns, EU conference, reporting on implemented activities) by the entire partnership. The progress and developments of the project were presented and partners shared results and knowledge; it was presented and discussed among the partnership what had already been done by each individual partner, barriers faced, solutions found and lessons learned. The dissemination of the project’s outputs and deliverables was also discussed during this meeting and the meeting closed with sharing of impressions from the project's external evaluator.