Teachers Training Seminars


On 1st-3rd April 2015 was successfully held the 3-day Training Seminar of Teachers and Professionals who work with children/adolescents/young people who are either hosted or visiting the facilities of organizations offering services to vulnerable and/or high risk groups of children/adolescents. The Seminar was organized by the project’s coordinator (EAVN, Greece) in collaboration with the Project’s Partner “The Smile of the Child” and a total of 20 trainees attended the seminar that was held in Athens in the Studio “YouSmile“.

The aim of the Seminar was to raise trainees’ awareness on gender steretoypes, IPV and child abuse and neglect issues and build their capacity in order to be able to implement the “GEAR against IPV” Workshops with adolescents. The Seminar besides the theoretical part included also a large practical part, conducted via a simulated workshop, with trainees adopting the role of a child/teenager. The Seminar offered trainees the oppportunity to:

  • assess, identify and challenge their gender stereotypes 
  • experience modeled activities “through teens’ eyes”
  • increase their knowledge on gender equality, IPV, sexual violence (SV) and child abuse and neglect (CAN) issues
  • develop and exercise skills enabling them to a) design, implement and evaluate teens’ Workshops, and b) identify, support and refer victims of violence (IPV/SV/CAN)

The trained teachers and professionals implemented awareness raising workshops with more than 80 adolescents.

Some of the trainees' comments at the end of the simulated workshop were:

It was a unique experience. I had a great time. I feel complete... and I've never expected to have such a great time... and to learn so many things in such a unique and pleasant way.  
It's something I won't forget, a great approach on things. I didn't expect it to be this practical or experiential. I thought there'd be just people talking to us, like in class. I'm talking as a teenager. Thanks for your kind words. Many people seem to think that I'm very "rational". I think you got that one wrong. It was a lovely memory to hold on to.
I had an amazing time, thanks a lot. I feel that I'm leaving having acquired valuable knowledge. I've learned things I didn't know up until now. Thanks for your kind words. It was all really lovely.