Teachers Training Seminars

Training Seminars in Romania

The Association for Liberty and Gender Equality - A.L.E.G. implemented two intensive training seminars for high-school teachers and school counselors in Sibiu/Romania. The goal of the seminars was to raise awareness on issues related to gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and gender equality and build teachers' and school councilors' capacities to implement the “GEAR against IPV II” workshops with students in their schools but also to provide support to students experiencing abuse in their relationship and/or in their families.

The first seminar was held in October 2015 (3 days: 1, 23, 24/10/2015) and the second in November 2015 (3 days: 6 - 8/11/2015). In total, thought the seminars, 55 specialists were trained (42 teachers and 13 high-school counselors); 15 were from different counties of Romania.

The seminars included both theoretical and practical parts conducted via simulated workshops, with adults adopting the role of students. The approach “through the student’s eyes” (simulation of the “GEAR against IPV” Workshop) was very well received and appreciated.

The training apart from building necessary capacities and skills also put a great emphasis on working and questioning the adults’ own gender stereotypes in order to be able to react in a positive manner. The trainees had the opportunity to reflect on their gender stereotypical attitudes and behaviors as well as any attitudes supporting tolerance to violence.

Ten trainees are expected to design and implement awareness raising workshops for approximately 260 students as part of the GEAR against IPV II project in the following counties: Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Cugir, Buzau, Braila, Slobozia.