Teachers Training Seminars

Teachers Training Seminars in Croatia 

CESI- Center for Education, Counselling and Research implemented two training seminars for high-school teachers in Croatia. First seminar was held from 12th - 15th of November 2015 and a second one from 26th -29th of November 2015 in Donja Stubica, in the hotel Terme Jezercica. Total of 53 trainees attended the seminars. The goal of the seminars was to raise awareness on issues related to gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and gender equality and build teachers' capacities to implement the “GEAR against IPV II” workshops with students at schools. The seminar included both theoretical and a practical part conducted via simulated workshop, with teachers adopting the role of students.

Teachers were very motivated to start implementing workshops with students based on the GEAR against IPV II National Package. The National Package was evaluated as extremely helpfull in raising awareness among youth and implementing workshops at schools. Fourteen teachers signed-on for the implementation of awareness raising workshops for approx. 370 students.