Teachers Training Seminars

1st Training Seminar in Spain

Unitary Platform against Gender Violence - Plataforma unitària contra les violències de gènere (PUCVG) implemented the 1st training seminar for high school teachers in Barcelona (Spain) from 7th October to 25th of November 2015 (8 sessions) in Rosa Sensat Teacher’s Association premises.

The goal of the seminar was to raise awareness on issues related to gender stereotypes, gender-based violence and gender equality and build teachers capacities to implement the “GEAR against IPV” workshops with students in their high schools with the proper personal confidence and practical tools.

An 8 sessions seminar was conducted with the attendance of 16 teachers and 4 professionals from Hèlia Association and Aroa Foundation that will implement the activities with high-risk adolescents groups. One teacher from this 1st Training seminar will implement 2 awareness raising workshops for approximately 45 students, and 2 professionals will facilitate 4 workshops with a total of 20 adolescents in high-risk situation.

The second teacher’s seminar will be held from 23rd January to 27th February 2016 with the participation of 29 teachers. The training has received official validation from the Education Department of the Government of Catalonia.