Teachers Training Seminars

2nd Training Seminar in Cyprus

The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) implemented a second round of 3-day training seminar for high-school teachers in Nicosia (Cyprus).

The training seminars aimed at:

  1. the theoretical and experiential training of teachers/educators on gender equality, gender roles and stereotypes, and gender-based violence in adolescent relationships,
  2. the provision of necessary expertise and skills development for the implementation and evaluation of experiential teenagers’ awareness raising workshops at school or elsewhere (formal and non-formal settings),
  3. the development of skills in identifying, handling and appropriate referral of any child and adolescent abuse incidents.

Generally the seminar aimed at the capacity building of teachers in implementing the “GEAR against IPV” workshops with students in their school/class but also to provide support to students experiencing abuse in their relationships and/or in their families.

The seminar was held on June 2nd-4th 2016 with the participation of 11 educators.

The training seminar involved theoretical and interactive sessions conducted via simulated workshops, group work, role-playing, with adults adopting the role of students. The approach “through the student’s eyes” (simulation of the “GEAR against IPV” Workshop) was very well received and appreciated by all educators participating.

The educators expressed their appreciation and excitement after completing the seminar.

The participants emphasised the following aspects of the training as success points:

  • working in simulation as crucial in knowledge sharing and hands-on experience of the GEAR against IPV exercises. The majority of the teachers emphasised how beneficial it was to get in the “shoes” of the students for 2 days
  • the well-structured, useful and easy to use material provided in the Booklets
  • the statistics shared on gender based violence and gender inequalities can be used to provoke the interest of the students to participate
  • enhanced skills in identifying and dealing with cases of gender-based-violence in the school environment
  • variety of interactive exercises
  • motivated trainers with strong expertise in the field

Stay tuned for the trainings’ implementation and evaluation reports – Coming soon!