National Packages

The National GEAR against IPV Packages

A total of 7 National Packages are available: 

4 National GEAR against IPV Packages have been developed in the context of the previous GEAR against IPV project (Austrian, Croatian, German and Greek) and 3 in the context of the current GEAR against IPV II project (Cypriot, Romanian and Spanish). In addition, in the context of the current GEAR against IPV II Project, the Croatian and Greek National Packages were revised

Booklet I is an introductory booklet, which mainly provides information on the project, material and the project’s activities and describes the dissemination actions carried out by the organisation responsible for implementing the GEAR against IPV intervention in each country, as well as possible ways of lobbying in order to incorporate the GEAR against IPV Workshop in secondary schools’ curricula. The National Booklets I have been developed on the basis of specific parts and guidelines of the respective Booklet of the Master Package.

Booklets II, III and IV of the National Packages include material and describe processes that have been considered as culturally appropriate to be used for conducting Teachers’ Seminars (Booklet II) as well as for organizing and conducting Adolescents’ Workshops (Booklets III and IV).

The Cypriot, Romanian, Spanish and the revised Greek and Croatian Packages are available for free full text downloading here
For the Austrian and German National Packages & for the 1st Edition of the Greek & Croatian National Packages, please visit the website of the previous GEAR against IPV Project. 

The National GEAR against IPV Packages address…

  • secondary school teachers and other professionals working in the school setting (e.g. psychologists, social workers, nurses)– who are interested either to implement the GEAR against IPV Workshop in their classroom or to incorporate some of the experiential activities in their everyday teaching, when addressing similar topics in class,
  • professionals and organizations active in the fields of health promotion and education, prevention of gender-based violence, and gender equality in each country,
  • decision-making centres related to education and policy makers with an interest in promoting the integration of the GEAR against IPV Workshop in secondary education’s curricula.

Some of the general comments provided by experts who evaluated the “GEAR against IPV” Package for Spain are quoted below:

I am impressed with the extension, the richness and usefulness of this material.
It is an accurate work of compilation and selection to reach the goal of GBV prevention in adolescence
Even we have many materials available to implement GBV prevention activities at schools I have never seen such a complete material. It is really designed for teachers and can help them to recover their active role as educators.
Huge work of bringing together the activities and methodology that works and comes from the best practices around Europe and the world. I am looking forward to see the last version printed and distributed in the secondary schools of Catalonia
There are some aspects that can be improved for cultural adaptation in Catalonia but it is a high quality material that I am sure it will be strong tool for preventing IPV, DV and SV in adolescence