National Conferences

On 30th May 2016 was successfully held the project's National Conference in Zagreb (Croatia)!   

The Conference was organized by CESI in the European House. Participants of the National Conference were mainly teachers and adolescents as well as key stakeholders. In addition, the implementer and 2 students from each of the 12 implemented workshops participated and presented their workshop’s results and their experiences (a total of 88 participants attended the conference). 

The aim of the conference was the presentation to a wide audience of the project and mainly of the material and the workshops’ results targeting to the project’s sustainability and involvement of more teachers in students’ awareness raising on violence. The goal was also to putting pressure on the competent authorities to support initiatives for the prevention of IPV and other types of violence in adolescents’ relationships. Therefore the panelist at the conference were Ombudsperson for gender equality, Deputy ombudsperson for Children, representatives of Ministry of Education, Teacher Training Agency and Ministry of Interior, Department for Prevention.

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