Plataforma unitària contra les violències de gènere - Spain

Plataforma unitària contra les violències de gènere - Spain

Unitary Platform Against Gender Violence, is a non-profit organization founded in 2002, and formed by 110 organizations of Catalonia, that share and promote a social movement to end violence against women in our society.

Networking is our strength: we exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. Together we seek appropriate strategies to overcome resistance to change of the traditional patriarchal society. 

Our objectives are:

  • Make visible the reality and extent of Gender-based Violence (GBV)
  • Raise awareness to transform beliefs and cultural stereotypes that sustain GBV
  • Reveal the social dimension of GBV and highlight the need for preventive measures to avoid its reproduction
  • Disseminate the different resources available to care for women and girls that are abused
  • Promote new models of coeducation and culture of peace
  • Give support to all organizations working for the eradication of violence against women and promote networking. 

Programmes and projects targeting students - teenagers

  1. Break The Silence: Program of GBV prevention at primary and secondary schools that offers activities for students, teachers and families. We design a catalog that includes all the prevention activities of the Platform’s organizations, that we disseminate and encourage their implementation at the educational centers.
  2. Forum Against GBV: It is a three days annual event, organized since 2005, that grew out of the need to create a space for reflection, participation and learning to contribute to GBV prevention.  The Forum activities are aimed to teenagers, families, professionals of non-profit organizations and public services and all the citizenship.
  3. Contest for the Eradication of GBV: Annual artistic contest with three categories (free style, literary and musical) as a tool for reflection and raising awareness.
  4. XAJI (Network of Active Youth Against GBV). This project is building a network of teenagers in secondary schools in Catalonia as active agents for the identification of GBV and specially IPV among teenagers. The project promotes training and participation processes at the centers.

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